DriverDo is an online portal and smartphone applications that assist businesses needing to move vehicles in contracting with independent drivers. We help move all types of vehicles from cars to box trucks and semi's. Distances can be short 10 minutes moves or across multiple states. Drivers will get job requests through our mobile App which they can review and accept or reject. The App provides all needed instructions. Businesses can manage, track, and pay for their moves all through the portal.
Auctions, dealership, rental car companies and fleet managers all require frequent auto moves to and from various locations, both local and long distance.
We are continuing to expand to as many cities as possible, but currently we are primarily operating in the Midwest and Northeast but we have less frequent moves all across the nation.
To register as a driver, click on the sign up button on the driver page or go to The first step is to gather information about you as a driver. We will collect information about you, your drivers license, your insurance information, preferences and more. In order to run a criminal and motor vehicle background check, we do require your some sensitive information such as your SSN and drivers license. Once registration is complete, you will be sent a training trip to become familiar with the DriverDo process. The final step is the background check after which you can become active and receive trip requests.
Drivers receive trip requests through the mobile app which include starting locations, step-by-step instructions and the payment details to be paid if a user chooses to accept and complete the trip. GPS directions, information on vehicle pick ups and drop offs, and any tasks to be completed are all detailed in the app. A driver can also document reimbursements and submit their expense reports through the app.
Some trips are exchanging vehicles where you will drive a vehicle to a location and return in another vehicle. Other trips require what is called a 'Chase Driver' to return back. This chase driver might be a dedicated follow vehicle or riding with another driver returning in a vehicle. For shorter trips, taxi/rideshare services are authorized
Our app simplifies the entire process by providing directions, listing which vehicles need to go where and breaking down every task into checklists that you mark off as you go. We also have a number of how-to videos that you can watch before you begin driving with us. These explain how the app works, and the ins and outs of every type of drive you’ll be doing. You can review them any time here.
All drivers are required to have a iOS or Android smartphone with active data plan.

The app is available on the iTunes App Store and on Google Play. After registration and verification, drivers will be able to log into the app and receive trips.

We track your progress during a trip, both to provide support and to allow businesses to monitor their assets in transit. If you’re not working a trip, we access your location a single time when you open the app in order to provide you with relevant trip requests, and then cease tracking. If you quit the app and you’re not working a trip, we do not monitor, access or store your location.

Once registered and approved, you’ll be notified of new trips requests via the mobile app. Depending on the type of trip, multiple requests may be sent out a number of different drivers and assigned on a first come first serve basis.

New trips are sent out specific to your location - you may not receive drives if the starting destination is greater than 30 miles away.

When a trip is created, DriverDo may send the request to more drivers than are needed for the trip, in order to fill the trip quickly and guarantee enough drivers see the request. If you receive a notification, but don’t have a trip when you open the app, the trip was likely filled or canceled.
Demand for trips may vary as businesses require drivers. While there is a consistent need for drivers, demand may fluctuate given the time of year, or before holidays or large events.
DriverDo contracts with a wide range of individuals to fulfill on-demand vehicle moves. Retirees, independent workers and students have all driven with us before. As long as you have a clean driving and criminal record, we welcome you to sign up!
Throughout any given day, numerous businesses are moving units from one location to another. One goal of our pilot is to figure out periods of high demand, so that we can better offer that information to drivers like you.
DriverDo facilitates relationships between auto businesses and drivers. We do not hire and pay drivers directly, but instead connect them with dealerships who will hire and pay them. You are an independent contractor.
As a self-employed individual, generally you are required to file an annual return and pay estimated tax quarterly. We recommend consulting with a tax professional.
Drivers are paid by their contracting business for a flat fee per trip. You can view your estimated earnings before accepting any trip. As long as no portion of your payment is disputed by the business, you should receive payment for trips and expenses completed the previous week (Sun-Sat based on CST time) into your bank account on Friday.
Drivers are paid using an ACH bank transfer into your designated checking or savings account. If you do not have a bank account, many pre-paid credit/debit cards have a bank account tied to it for money transfers. Please ensure your banking information is accurate in order to receive your money properly.
In order to offer on-the-drive and technical support, as well as to manage servers, data and technical costs, DriverDo takes a 19.99% fee from each trip. The amount shown for a specific trip within the app is the amount you will be paid, barring any transaction fees applied by your bank or financial institution.
To become a platinum driver, a drug screening is required. Some of the businesses we work with require this qualification. For more details on becoming a platinum driver, please contact support.
Our automated process reviews your motor vehicle records when you sign up. DriverDo respects your privacy and we’ll never share any of your confidential information with a third-party (sensitive information is discarded or masked after the background check is complete). You can review our privacy policy here.
As an independent contractor you are solely responsible to acquire, provide and maintain the necessary equipment, licenses, materials, tools, and supplies to perform the Trip Transactions you accept by using the DRAIVER TMS. You are responsible to carry out and control the Trip Transactions you accept without the direction or control of the Customer or DRAIVER. See the Terms and Conditions for additional responsibilities of Drivers here
During any trip, you’ll be covered under your contracting businesses’ transportation insurance. We do encourage all drivers to have their own auto insurance, and to thank you for protecting yourself and others we’ll bump your certification level up from bronze to silver if you add your policy info to your account.

More Questions?

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