Careful Driving in Flood Conditions: What to Watch For

Driving In Flood Conditions

Weather is so unpredictable, and not always working with us as a drive away logistics company. While you may not take as many rides during poor conditions, it is important to know what to do in case of severe weather. Use caution when navigating through dangerous weather conditions and always ere on the side of safety when presented with an issue. If you are stuck away from home in floodwaters, make sure you use these tips to remain safe through the tumultuous situations. 

Drive Slow 

Speed should be carefully considered in heavy rain and flood conditions. Rain can impair your visual abilities and could cause you to miss downed trees and even other cars on the road. Automotive assistance is something that you may need and search for through the waters if you encounter problems, and it can be hard to come by in such severe conditions. 

Avoid Standing Water 

It only takes 12 inches of water to cause your car to float. While that may seem like a lot of standing water, it can be challenging to determine the depth of water as you are trying to navigate through the rain and conditions. As a company that uses driver labor, we strongly encourage drivers to avoid standing water and find another route to use in their travels. Standing water can be a host for many dangerous conditions, so it is very important just to avoid the standing water altogether.  

Pay Attention to Warnings 

Emergency services have your best interest in mind and want you to stay safe through poor weather conditions. Even with an on-demand vehicle delivery company, our primary goal is for our drivers to arrive safely at their next location. Paying attention to warnings posted my local law enforcement is critical to remain safe and mindful even in flood conditions. Do not drive around barricades or through blocked roadways as they could have hidden conditions that you may not see because of the rain or water.  

Even though we are known as a company that specializes in fleet management as a service, our goal is safety. Whether it be through poor or good weather conditions, our drivers should be well educated and prepared for whatever is ahead of them. If you are interested in joining us in driver labor and as a drive away logistics company, become a driver today and start picking up rides across the country! 



Safe Driving in Poor Conditions: Fog

Mother Nature is not always our friend, and sometimes we just run into driving in poor conditions because of our work as a same day vehicle delivery company. Some conditions are easier to manage than others, but we would still like to keep our drivers safe on the road during their time in driver labor work. Use these tips to stay safe in the fog and maintain a reliable schedule when hired for fleet management as a service. 

Slow Down 

Slow down before you enter foggy conditions as you cannot assume that the fog will thin out once you will enter it. You could be driving into a dangerous situation and potentially causing or contributing to a wreck if you are going too fast. Automotive assistance is difficult to come by in the fog, and it could get worse before it gets fixed. Drive cautiously through these conditions and remember that things are not always as they seem in the fog. 

Turn Down the Radio 

Since you will not be able to see as well, it is important to utilize your other senses. Turning down your radio and other distractions can help you listen for oncoming traffic and cautious noises. Keeping noises inside your car to a minimum can help you prepare for oncoming issues before you can see them.  

Stay to the Side 

If you must pull over, do not pull off until you have a good-sized shoulder to land in. Stopping before you have space to completely pullover could cause those coming behind you to crash if there is not ample time to move over. Driver service companies recommend waiting for a parking lot or safe space to land rather than the side of the road to avoid collisions.  


Use these three tips to stay safe through unpredictable road conditions for work as a same day vehicle delivery driver. Contact us today if you are ready to be put to work for driver labor and earn some extra cash along the way. 


How do we use Fleet Management?

Fleet Management

Our company uses fleet management as a service and hires driver labor to fulfill our work. If you are new to our field, it may be a confusing concept. Thankfully we are here to help. Companies use us to help move their fleet and other vehicles to other destinations around the country. As an on-demand vehicle delivery company, we are quickly able to use our independent contractors to gather together and move vehicles no matter the distance. 

The concept of fleet management, as a whole, is a combination of different factors. Among those factors are vehicle maintenance, vehicle tracking, driver labor, and supply chain management, among other things.  

Here at Draiver, we use drivers who are available to move the vehicles and are in the area, to prevent later delays in the movement of transportation. Our application is easy to navigate for our drivers, and for companies who want to use fleet management as a service, it is a fast way to get the job done. 

Using our software to provide on-demand vehicle delivery helps reduce staff costs, reducing transportation times, and efficiency through the whole process. It is much easier than attempting to do fleet management on your own, clearing out all of the unnecessary details.  

If you have vehicles to transport, consider using our driver labor to help ease the process. Contact our qualified experts today to talk about how we can help today. No matter the vehicle and distance, our team of drivers are prepared and eager for the work.  


How To Jump Start Your Car

Jump Start Your Car

As much as we try to avoid it, bad things happen, and sometimes you or someone else on the road needs automotive assistance. While some precautions can be made, it can not always be prevented, so it is good to know how to care for simple solutions to keep you moving and safe. 

If you or someone else on the road is stuck with a dead battery, it is important to know how to jump start your car to ensure they can get to an automotive assistance shop or home.  

What You Need 

Power Source 

Jumper Cables 

Know What You Are Doing 

Make sure you read your vehicle’s owner’s manual if you have never had to jump-start this car before. It can help walk you through some specific steps for your vehicle that can keep you safe through the process. It is important to know that you should not try and jump corroded, damaged, or leaking batteries as it could cause harm and damage to the vehicle and even the people involved. It is also vital to keep the clips apart and do not touch them together; it can be dangerous and cause harm to those involved. Using other essential safety tips and common knowledge, you can remain safe through this process. 

How to Complete the Task 

First, you should put both cars in park or neutral, turn the ignitions off, and ensure the parking brake is initiated. From there, you will open the hood and begin attaching the clips in a particular order. 

Red to Dead, Red to Power, Black to Power, and then Black to Metal. 

Do not confuse the order, or you could damage the car more and need more automotive assistance. The next step is to turn on the donor car and source of power. Idle this car for a while and let the change move. Attempt to start the dead car after a few minutes. After the vehicle has successfully started, you remove the clips in a very specific order. 

Black from metal, black from negative, red from power, and red from dead.  

While you may never need this information, it is important to have if you work for a company that specializes in fleet management as a service and on-demand vehicle delivery as you will spend a reasonable amount of time on the road.  

If you are ready to start taking trips and participate in driver labor, sign up on our website and begin working with a trusted drive away logistic company and start earning extra income.  

Driving Rewards

Driving Rewards for Draiver Participants

Driving Rewards

In today’s era, it is important to utilize your time in the most efficient way possible, meaning knocking out more than one task at a time. Thankfully, there are a lot of options to do so, even when working with an on-demand vehicle delivery company. Multitasking, while driving, while dangerous in many cases, is effective in these cases. Earning rewards for safe driving and tracking miles is one way to earn rewards while still completing the task at hand as an employee in driver labor. Here are a few ways you can earn driving rewards easily and efficiently when you work with driver service companies. 

Open Road Drivers Plan 

Safe driver rewards presented by Open Road Drivers Plan is a simple solution to earning driving rewards for safe habits. This program is perfect for those who work for an on-demand vehicle delivery company and also have a CDL. This program is easy to sign up for and start earning rewards. 


This app is not just for driving, but every mode of transportation. Walking, driving, and flying, among other modes, are included in this app and are different ways to earn miles and points. You can redeem miles for products, services, and certain experiences, including but not limited to WincNaturebox, and Rover. You can use this app during your work in driver labor to earn driving rewards for every mile you can track. 

On My Way 

This application is designed to keep you safe while driving, minimizing distractions made by being on your phone. You can earn points by staying off of your phone during trips and cash out with certain gift cards and prizes. It is an easy to use application with driving rewards designed to keep you as safe as possible on the road.  


Mobilio is an app that is also designed to limit distracted driving. They give points for every distraction-free minute you clock while driving, offering a collection of prizes and rewards you can cash in on.  

Use some of these applications when driving for Draiver for same-day vehicle delivery to utilize your time in the best way possible. You can earn rewards for simply doing your job for a drive away logistics company without changing many things. 


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