Manual Car

Get into Gear. Learning more about a Manual Car to Become a Better Driver.

Manual Car

If you are like most of America, you have probably driven an automatic for most of your driving career and life. If you have not owned a manual, odds are you are not particularly familiar with the differences that this entails in terms of driver labor. As a driver for a same day vehicle delivery company, you may be asked to drive a manual car, and it is important to know how it works. Now, this is not a crash course in driving a stick, but just to help you learn a little bit more about how each gear is used best. Let’s learn more about the gears in this article from the best on-demand vehicle delivery company. 

Learning More About A Manual Car

1st Gear 

This gear is used for driving away from a complete stop. It is the slowest moving gear and is not to be used for speeds above 10 mph. 

2nd Gear 

You get into this new gear when you exceed 10 mph. It is commonly used when leaving a stop. Many people will jump to this gear rather than staying in first. 

3rd Gear 

Short and sweet, this gear is used for shifting up to 20 mph. Not much else, just a basic middle ground gear. 

4th Gear 

Another brief explanation, this gear is used to shift up to 30 mph.  

5th Gear 

Depending on how many gears the specific vehicle may have, this is used to shift up to 40 mph and is the highest running gear. 

Neutral and Reverse 

Lastly without much explanation, reverse is used to move the car backward. Not used for much else, but a rather important gear. Neutral is used when idling or stopping. It could be used for parking the vehicle on a flat surface with no incline. 

Driver labor is a new world for some of our drivers, and it could be intimidating to use anything other than an automatic. Still, you will be significantly benefited if you understand a manual. When working with a company that specializes in machine learning AI for logistics and fleet management as a service, you will see a variety of different vehicles, and you will be able to accept more rides with the more information you understand. 

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What Is My Car

What is my Car Trying to Tell Me?

What Is My Car

Automotive assistance is a chore we have almost all had to deal with. Consider yourself lucky if you have been spared from a car catastrophe. However, it can be challenging to understand what our cars are trying to tell us, even though its right in front of our faces most of the time. Let’s take a look at some of the more common error messages you could come across when working driver labor. What is my car trying to tell me?

What Is My Car Trying To Tell Me?


This light is attached to your anti-lock brake system. This is not always a bad thing and is often just letting you know that it is working right. This can be critical in rough driving conditions where the road may be slick. This light is not particularly an error, more so just a heads up for you to let you know your system is working.  


This warning light is letting you know there is an error in the All-Wheel Drive system with your vehicle. If it blinks rapidly, that is an error to inform you the powertrain oil temperature is too high, and if it blinks slowly, there is too large of a difference in wheel rotation. In contradiction to the first light, this is more of an error than anything else. You should seek automotive assistance if this light appears. 


This one stands for Electronic Power Control. It is used in terms of the engine management system and computerized ignition. This is a pretty big error as any problems could result in other functions in the car to become disabled. Once the light comes on, it is crucial to get it checked out before the throttle becomes limited. Then it can turn into a pricier and time-consuming issue. 

If you are just driving for an on-demand vehicle delivery company, it is not a significant concern for you, but only good to know in case one of your vehicles starts lighting up with warning lights. However, if you are a business or person using fleet management as a service, it is crucial to know the health of your vehicles and prevent problems before they happen and require automotive assistance. 

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Road Trip Essentials

Draiver Road Trip Essentials

Road Trip Essentials

You have accepted a drive, now what? Your next step is likely planning for a fun little road trip exploring the countryside. There are a few things you should plan on packing when driving for a same day vehicle delivery company. Let’s explore what will make your trip the best possible with road trip essentials.

Road Trip Essentials

Audiobooks or Playlists 

Whether it’s a twenty-minute or four-hour drive, you do not want to get bored or stuck in radio static the whole time. Hop on your favorite music app and create a go-to road trip playlist you can throw on whenever you hit the road. On-demand vehicle delivery can be unpredictable, and a job can pop up any minute, so it is crucial to have a playlist ready to go from the start. You can also use this time to catch up on your favorite audiobooks to keep your mind entertained on the open road. 

Water Bottle and Snacks 

You can find yourself tempted on the road by all of the gas stations and fast food right off the highway, but don’t give in. Pack a reusable water bottle and some travel-friendly snacks, and you are ready to go. This cuts the need for stops and lets you enjoy the best part of the trip rather than veering off to grab a snack. Driver labor is a great job to catch up on snacks with, and you have plenty of time to do so while on drives.  


One of the most important things you can’t forget on the road for drive away logistics companies is a charger! Whether for navigation, your audiobooks, or your Draiver tracking, it is important that your phone has charge throughout your trip. 

Road Trip Games 

Now we are not talking board games or video games by any means, but it is crucial to keep your mind awake on the road. Having a few easy games in mind is one way to do it. Whether you are searching for new license plates, quirky road signs, or even car colors, you can make a game out of it. Who said driver labor had to be boring? 

No matter the drive, we encourage you to make the most out of same-day vehicle delivery work. Make sure you have the essentials packed and ready for the trip as well, or else you may be stuck on a very dull trip. Are you ready to join the team today? Sign up with the number one driver service company today and start accepting rides! 

Use Draiver

How to Use Draiver If You Aren’t a Business

Use Draiver

Anyone can use fleet management as a service if they are needing to transport a vehicle. When thinking about the concept of on-demand vehicle delivery, you may only consider large companies who need a fleet moved or a large number of cars moved for business reasons, but that is not the only way we can be used. Vacations and new moves often have us finding different modes of transportation, but still needing a vehicle once we reach our destination. That is where our same day vehicle delivery comes into play. You can use our services and drivers to move one or many cars for personal or business use.  

How To Use Draiver

Driver labor is one of the tools we utilize that will help you with whatever move you are making. You may be a college student that finds it easier to fly than to make a long drive. Not a problem for driver service companies who are eager to help move your vehicle wherever we can. Vacations often leave us searching for public transportation or a rental car, which is more costly in the long run. Consider using on-demand vehicle delivery for your next family vacation to ensure you have proper transportation no matter where you are. 

No matter the need, our drivers are ready to help you move your vehicles no matter the number. Contact us today to discuss the rates of moves and how we can help you with your next step. You do not have to be a large business to use our fleet management as a service; it can be anyone! 

Gig Economy

Is the Gig Economy Working for Me?

Gig Economy

In the ever-changing economy, we are seeing a shift in the way employees are viewing their work. The current trend is showing a large growth in what we call a gig economy. This is when there is a larger presence of freelance workers or independent contractors rather than more permanent jobs. This is where Draiver comes in as an on-demand vehicle delivery company that uses the gig economy to their benefit. We hire independent drivers to work for us in the industry of same-day vehicle delivery. They get to choose the jobs they accept, work the hours they want, and work from a variety of locations in the nation. Now, you may be wondering how a gig economy can benefit you. Therefore we want to teach you about the best things in the trending economy.  

Whether you are a busy parent, a college student, part-time employee, or other time-consuming careers, you are busy. You may know the frustration that can come along with finding a flexible or full-time job. When searching through the gig economy and finding driver labor, you will also discover the freedom that can come along with choosing this type of work. Signing up can give you freedom. Freedom to work another job, focus on your studies, and even decide when you stay home with your family. A gig economy in driver labor can give you enough freedom of time to help you work and live your life. 

Is the Gig Economy Working For Me?

We are not the only ones in the gig economy. However, we are one of the only ones who can let you see different parts of the nation while working. Working for drive away logistics companies is just one way to join the trend and continue growing the gig economy for others to join as well. 

If you are looking for a change from your 9-5 desk life, consider exploring driver labor and the other options that are in the world of gig work. Sign up today if you are ready to get some drives in and join the growing community of driver service companies in the industry. 


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