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DRAIVER Get Paid to Drive

Draiver is Different

Unlike other apps and companies, you won’t
work at the whim of passengers.
Draiver powers vehicle moves at scale for businesses. You can drive all different types of vehicles from cars and SUVs all the way up to Box Trucks and other CDL Trucks.
Make Your Own Schedule
Get Reimbursed for Expenses
No Passengers
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How Draiver Works

1. Sign-Up

Just fill out our short form
Choose on-demand driver jobs
How Draiver Works

2. Accept

Preview available trips, and accept those that fit your schedule.
No passenger on-demand driver gig
How Draiver Works

3. Show Up

Get to the Start Location and Click the
“On My Way” button in the App!
drive no passenger jobs on-demand
How Draiver Works

4. Drive

The Draiver app will guide you through step-by-step instructions specific to you. Move vehicles, perform tasks, and always return back to the start location.
Driver job payment and reimbursement
How Draiver Works

5. Get Paid

Submit expenses and receive payment, all without paperwork, every week.
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Ready to Drive?
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Drivers Love Us

Draiver is an exciting new driving app!
Download it Today and be Driven to Move
Driver gig job
Be Your Own Boss
Keep your existing gig work while adding us, too.
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Call Us for Help
Always get help from a real person! Driver support 24/7/365.
driver job transparent rates
Check Trips & Rates
We give you visibility and payouts up front.
driver app return trip guaranteed
Always Come Home
You are never stuck somewhere. We always coordinate your return.
pick driver jobs for schedule
Schedule Your Way
Choose when and where you want to
accept the gigs.
Driver job app reimbursement
We Offer Reimbursement
You get paid for out-of-pocket expenses
like fuel and tolls.
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Start Driving With the Draiver App

Fast and easy sign up means you can make serious cash right away!
Download DRAIVER gig driving app on Google PlayDownload DRAIVER gig driving app on Apple Store