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Gig Without the Grind

You’re not just a driver. You’re a driving professional. That’s why we treat you like one. Drive with Draiver and join a gig that fits your schedule.

Why Drive with Draiver

Drive Vehicles, Not Passengers

Peaceful and relaxing experience, allowing you to fully focus on the road.

More Money In Your Pocket

Draiver covers out-of-pocket expenses for fuel and tolls.

Flexible Hours

Choose when you drive on your own time.

Driver Requirements

  • Updated drivers license

  • Clean background

  • Clean driving record

  • Legally eligible to work within a specific country of application

It’s Easy to Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your qualifications, you will receive offers to deliver passenger cars, trucks, vans, box trucks (up to 26 ft.), cargo vans, recreational vehicles, or specialty vehicles like buses or limousines.

For insurance purposes, Draiver is required to perform an annual Background Screen on all active drivers to ensure they continue to meet driver qualifications.

Beyond a smartphone so you can download the app, we recommend a travel phone charger since navigation and GPS tracking can be battery intensive. Other common items include screws for license plates, a small screwdriver, snacks, a bottle of water, and weather protective items such as a heavier coat, cap, gloves, ice scraper, etc.

Trips are determined by our customers who are requesting vehicle movement. Depending on your area, trips may be available daily, and in some areas, multiple trips may be available throughout the day. As with any customer-based business, there may be slower periods throughout the year based on weather and seasonality.

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Why Choose Draiver?

Drive Today

Be Your Own Boss

Flexible hours. Weekly pay.

Call Us for Help

Always get help from a real person! Driver support is 24/7/365.

Check Trips & Rates

Pick up shifts without picking up passengers.

Always Come Home

You are never stuck on the road. Smarter routes that always get you home.

Drive on Your Terms

Choose when and where you want to accept the gigs.

Get Reimbursed

You get paid for out-of-pocket expenses, like fuel and tolls.

Become a Driver Today

Looking for delivery driver jobs? We are always building upon our team of experienced drivers. Join us and take your driving gig work to the next level.