National Driver Network

With a nationwide on-demand Driver Network your staffing challenges go away! Over 5000 Network Drivers must pass ongoing and extensive background reviews as well as training processes that ensure the highest quality of service to you and your customers. Efficiency metrics and Driver scorecards guarantee you have insight into all Drivers on the platform. DRAIVER handles the details and logistics so you can grow your business at scale.


AI Driven Logistics Platform

DRAIVER is a self learning logistics platform that moves vehicles by planning, executing, and instructing drivers. Continuous optimization saves time, money, and resources.

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We take on all the recruitment, onboarding and financial payments to Drivers. Then we provide the best-in-class logistics platform to coordinate moves with drivers.



Easily move your fleet inventory between locations. Our AI driven platform will connect all the dots that will save your operation from wasting time and money.

Customer Delivery

From Cab and Chassis, RV's, Big rigs or any vehicle there is, we help you move them from your lot to remote service, upfit and repair facilities and back with ease!



Fleet and Rental companies move 10's of thousands of their inventory back and forth to the service facilities on this platform, try it out today.