Get into Gear. Learning more about a Manual Car to Become a Better Driver.

Manual Car

If you are like most of America, you have probably driven an automatic for most of your driving career and life. If you have not owned a manual, odds are you are not particularly familiar with the differences that this entails in terms of driver labor. As a driver for a same day vehicle delivery company, you may be asked to drive a manual car, and it is important to know how it works. Now, this is not a crash course in driving a stick, but just to help you learn a little bit more about how each gear is used best. Let’s learn more about the gears in this article from the best on-demand vehicle delivery company. 

Learning More About A Manual Car

1st Gear 

This gear is used for driving away from a complete stop. It is the slowest moving gear and is not to be used for speeds above 10 mph. 

2nd Gear 

You get into this new gear when you exceed 10 mph. It is commonly used when leaving a stop. Many people will jump to this gear rather than staying in first. 

3rd Gear 

Short and sweet, this gear is used for shifting up to 20 mph. Not much else, just a basic middle ground gear. 

4th Gear 

Another brief explanation, this gear is used to shift up to 30 mph.  

5th Gear 

Depending on how many gears the specific vehicle may have, this is used to shift up to 40 mph and is the highest running gear. 

Neutral and Reverse 

Lastly without much explanation, reverse is used to move the car backward. Not used for much else, but a rather important gear. Neutral is used when idling or stopping. It could be used for parking the vehicle on a flat surface with no incline. 

Driver labor is a new world for some of our drivers, and it could be intimidating to use anything other than an automatic. Still, you will be significantly benefited if you understand a manual. When working with a company that specializes in machine learning AI for logistics and fleet management as a service, you will see a variety of different vehicles, and you will be able to accept more rides with the more information you understand. 

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