How To Jump Start Your Car

Jump Start Your Car

As much as we try to avoid it, bad things happen, and sometimes you or someone else on the road needs automotive assistance. While some precautions can be made, it can not always be prevented, so it is good to know how to care for simple solutions to keep you moving and safe. 

If you or someone else on the road is stuck with a dead battery, it is important to know how to jump start your car to ensure they can get to an automotive assistance shop or home.  

What You Need 

Power Source 

Jumper Cables 

Know What You Are Doing 

Make sure you read your vehicle’s owner’s manual if you have never had to jump-start this car before. It can help walk you through some specific steps for your vehicle that can keep you safe through the process. It is important to know that you should not try and jump corroded, damaged, or leaking batteries as it could cause harm and damage to the vehicle and even the people involved. It is also vital to keep the clips apart and do not touch them together; it can be dangerous and cause harm to those involved. Using other essential safety tips and common knowledge, you can remain safe through this process. 

How to Complete the Task 

First, you should put both cars in park or neutral, turn the ignitions off, and ensure the parking brake is initiated. From there, you will open the hood and begin attaching the clips in a particular order. 

Red to Dead, Red to Power, Black to Power, and then Black to Metal. 

Do not confuse the order, or you could damage the car more and need more automotive assistance. The next step is to turn on the donor car and source of power. Idle this car for a while and let the change move. Attempt to start the dead car after a few minutes. After the vehicle has successfully started, you remove the clips in a very specific order. 

Black from metal, black from negative, red from power, and red from dead.  

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