Announcement Draiver launches new tech at NAFA. Read more here.

  • Company builds tech team with expanded 360-AI expertise to elevate product suite and launch new Draiver app.
  • All-in-one Command Center platform features AI-driven dynamic recommendation engine that identifies smarter routes and EV charging stations while facilitating dynamic reporting and insights.
  •  New Draiver app includes first-of-its kind features like Self Assign, enabling self-managed trips without a dispatcher to significantly increase revenue-generating uptime.
  • Federico Ranero, Draiver CEO, positions the new product acumen as “the future of vehicle logistics, and underscores our reputation as the Amazon Prime of vehicle movement.”

Kansas City, KS – Monday, April 22, 2024 – Draiver, the leading on-demand vehicle movement service, today announced groundbreaking new products in their tech suite that continue to revolutionize fleet relocation and management. The advanced Command Center platform and new Draiver app were unveiled at the 2024 National American Fleet Association (NAFA) Institute & Expo, where the company will demo its industry-leading vehicle delivery capabilities. Last year, the company surpassed one million vehicle moves while maintaining a three-year CAGR of over 160%.

Draiver technology utilizes advanced AI to 4x delivery speeds, optimize routing and trip chaining, and significantly reduce transit times through more efficient vehicle movement combinations and a nationwide network of on-demand drivers. The company unveiled these best-in-class offerings to further improve operations and reduce costs for customers:

  • Command Center. A proprietary all-in-one AI platform for streamlined vehicle movement, it’s the first global solution to simplify complex logistics, optimize trip combinations, and maximize vehicle movements while reducing drivers and transit times.
    • Predictive Data. Next-best-move recommendations orchestrate seamless coordination between in-house employee drivers and Draiver’s diverse network of over 20,000 drivers for substantial savings and found time.
      Sophisticated Reporting. Generate unprecedented actionable insights to improve lead times and detailed cost tracking for each VIN, fuel and tolls.
  • Draiver App:
    • Driver Self Assign. Enables more flexibility for drivers to self-manage trips without a dispatcher, increasing valuable revenue-generating uptime, minimizing gaps in data, and freeing up time for dispatchers while maintaining trackability.
    • Dispatcher Training. Built on decades of singular experience moving vehicles for the leading automotive companies, this in-depth training helps refine processes, optimize trip chaining strategy, and suggest improved ratios of employee to contractor-drivers.
    • Vehicle Inspection. New easy inspection feature protects companies against damages, helps manage inventory and increase transparency throughout the vehicle movement process, ultimately limiting risk.
      Battery Efficient. New Draiver app requires less battery, allowing drivers to worry less about effectively managing trips on the road.
    • 24/7 Support. Easy-to-reach guidance and trouble-shooting reduces dispatch phone calls by 85%, freeing up more time to focus on core business needs.

Federico Ranero, Draiver CEO, led the new product advancements and states, “Draiver continually pushes what our technology can do for our customers, and these new features allow us to share decades of respected auto-industry expertise in new ways and on new platforms – it’s truly the future of seamless vehicle delivery.”

Since the company’s launch in 2013, Draiver has been a catalyst for change in the U.S. vehicle delivery market with a service model that 4x’s delivery speeds and reduces logistics costs by over 30%. In 2023, the company achieved nationwide coverage in the U.S. and expanded its groundbreaking model to international markets, including Mexico, Brazil, and Canada, continuing to build on its significant growth trajectory.


Morgan Choffin, Marketing & Go-to-Market Coordinator
(916) 500-2385

About Draiver
Draiver is a leading vehicle delivery company offering best-in-class AI logistics software with a vetted, insured global driver network. The company’s full suite of services is available in North America and South America. Clients include global Fleet and Rental Companies, OEMs, Large Automotive Groups, and single location businesses. (

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