What is my Car Trying to Tell Me?

What Is My Car

Automotive assistance is a chore we have almost all had to deal with. Consider yourself lucky if you have been spared from a car catastrophe. However, it can be challenging to understand what our cars are trying to tell us, even though its right in front of our faces most of the time. Let’s take a look at some of the more common error messages you could come across when working driver labor. What is my car trying to tell me?

What Is My Car Trying To Tell Me?


This light is attached to your anti-lock brake system. This is not always a bad thing and is often just letting you know that it is working right. This can be critical in rough driving conditions where the road may be slick. This light is not particularly an error, more so just a heads up for you to let you know your system is working.  


This warning light is letting you know there is an error in the All-Wheel Drive system with your vehicle. If it blinks rapidly, that is an error to inform you the powertrain oil temperature is too high, and if it blinks slowly, there is too large of a difference in wheel rotation. In contradiction to the first light, this is more of an error than anything else. You should seek automotive assistance if this light appears. 


This one stands for Electronic Power Control. It is used in terms of the engine management system and computerized ignition. This is a pretty big error as any problems could result in other functions in the car to become disabled. Once the light comes on, it is crucial to get it checked out before the throttle becomes limited. Then it can turn into a pricier and time-consuming issue. 

If you are just driving for an on-demand vehicle delivery company, it is not a significant concern for you, but only good to know in case one of your vehicles starts lighting up with warning lights. However, if you are a business or person using fleet management as a service, it is crucial to know the health of your vehicles and prevent problems before they happen and require automotive assistance. 

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